Accurate record keeping, and ease of access to information is crucial to the optimal administration and management of your commercial condominium corporation. Keeping accurate records allows boards from avoiding unnecessary additional expenses, and allows them to remain accountable to other unit owners.Commercia provides a comprehensive schedule for the organized administration of your commercial condominium which includes:

  • Preparing annual and long-term budgets
  • Managing on-site staff
  • Instructing trades when on site
  • Preparation of Status Certificates
  • Preparing and distributing Annual General Meeting packages
  • Preparing and distributing notices on behalf of the Board
  • Preparing and issuing correspondence for monthly Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings, and other Special Meetings
  • Communication with Corporation's Solicitor and attendance in court when necessary
  • Assistance in preparation of "Welcome Package" for all new residents
  • Assistance in preparation of the Corporation's newsletters
  • Establishment of excellent resident relations
  • Guidance on acquisition of insurance and appraisals
  • Setting effective parking control procedures


Commercia Property Associates Ltd. may provide through Manulife Financial, a benefit package which may be tailored to each individual's needs at the cost of the Corporation.

Meeting Attendance

Attend monthly Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings, and any other meetings required by the Board.

Record Keeping

  • Maintain Corporation's documents and records, and register as required by the Condominium Act
  • Maintain unit files and records.


Commercia Property Associates Ltd. is fully insured as a property management company with full errors and omissions insurance and will also be co-insured with your Corporationís insurance policy upon acceptance.