Our Mission.

We do one thing and we do it really well.

Our MissionCommercia Property Associates focuses strictly on commercial condominium management, harmonizing the relationships between unit owners and businesses alike. Your commercial condominium is likely one of your businessí largest investments, and as such should be maintained by a team of industry trusted and accredited professionals. We know you work hard to maintain your business, so we work even harder to proactively identify and present solutions throughout the ownership lifecycle of your commercial condominium. As a busy professional you deserve a full service, modern, friendly, and accessible property management company. You deserve the Commercia Property Associates Advantage.

Commercia Property Associates Ltd is a full service property management firm that operates throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Commercia is a subsidiary of Royale Grande Property Management Ltd, which currently manages over 7000 condominium units. Commercia was formed to specialize in the management of industrial, commercial, and office condominiums of all sizes. We do this by customizing our professional and effective management techniques to accommodate your unique needs. We are one of the only companies to specialize in commercial condominium management, as commercial buildings have unique needs, and need to be fully functional each day.

We donít just talk- we perform.

As a company under the Royale Grande Group of Companies, Commercia Property Associates is one of the select few property management companies in Ontario to receive the prestigious ISO 9001: 2008 certification. We are currently updating our policies and procedures to be compliant with the new ISO 9001: 2015 standards of excellence. This means that our procedures and policies are clearly documented, and we are able to consistently deliver high quality service to all of our clients. With our state-of-the-art technologies, experience, professionalism, and eco-friendly attitude, we will deliver innovative ideas to save you energy and money.

Who We Are.

Experience makes all the difference.

Michael Kalisperas, R.C.M. has been a property manager since 1990, and co-founded ICC Property Management in 1993. In January 2007, Michael founded Royale Grande Property Management Ltd. Within the past six years, our portfolio has grown from 12 condominium corporations to 51 condominium corporations/co-ops and 5 shared facilities. We manage condominiums as small as 9 units and as large as 500 units, providing all corporations with the same dedication.
To better serve our commercial condominium clients, Michael founded Commercia Property Associates as a dedicated service exclusive to commercial, industrial and office condos.

Why Us?

When choosing a property management company, there are extensive criteria that should be examined before making the final selection:

Standards and Procedures: Does the company have documented standards and procedures that are repeatable and ensure consistently high quality? Under the Royale Grande Group of Companies, Commercia Property Associates shares in the success of our prestigious ISO 9001: 2008 certification- which ensures auditable quality, day in and day out.

People: What training does the company provide to their managers? How familiar are they with best practices in the industry as a whole? At Commercia Property Associates our managers undergo continuous training each year both on and off site. This allows for a team that is most educated and knowledgeable in the day-to-day best practices of managing your commercial condominium

Location: Is your property manager based close to you? Can they respond quickly in an emergency situation? Commercia Property Associates is located in Aurora, Ontario, but also has managers all the way from Mississauga to Downtown Toronto. We are in your neighbourhood and are available to serve you 24/7.

Experience: How long the company been in the management industry? What significant contributions have they brought to the industry? The founder of Commercia Property Associates has been managing condominiums for a quarter century. We are proud to say that we still employ staff that were with us since day one.

Price: It is important to consider both competitive annual fees as well as what strategies the management company will use to save your corporation money and time. By only dealing with commercial condominiums, Commercia Property Associates is able to provide competitive annual fees. During the lifetime of the condominium, we will employ our bulk purchasing power, and established contractor relationships to ensure your corporation gets the best value on necessary repairs and maintenance.

What Their Buildings Look Like: No matter the size of the commercial, office or industrial condominum, Commercia is there. We manage corporations as small as 9 units to as large as 500 units with the same dedication. It is important to look at new as well as old buildings that your potential management company has in their portfolio. Observe the exteriors and the care that has gone into preserving and maintaining their aesthetic.

Technologies: We believe in using the most modern technologies that insure they day to day operations of your condominium run smoothly and efficiently. We provide 2 sites to make information readily available 24/7 so Board members and units owners can have access to important condo documents in seconds.