Commercia Property Associates works hand-in-hand with the board of directors, to ensure harmony and efficiency in your commercial condominium. Unlike other commercial property management companies, we pay attention to the little things. With many years of condominium management experience under our belt, we have listened to our clients and have developed procedures for dealing with each corporationís unique needs. We know it is important to you to have a property manager who gets your snow in the right place, that enforces parking by-laws to ensure your business has parking, and that is available 24/7 when you are experiencing a problem. Commercia Property Associates ensures operational efficiency in three ways; physical management, by-law enforcement, and consulting services.

Physical Management

  • Regular and thorough building and ground inspections and regular reporting to the Board.
  • Preparation of job descriptions, work schedules and evaluations for all staff.
  • Strict inventory controls.
  • On-Site preventative maintenance scheduling, equipment maintenance logs, work supervision, inspection and approval controls.
  • Periodical technical evaluations of building operating equipment.
  • Site personnel supervision, hiring and training.
  • 24 hour emergency coverage.
  • Supervision of all maintenance work and regular reporting to the Board.
  • Contract administration and supervision.

By-law Enforcement

  • Establish acceptable procedures to record and pursue by-law and house-rule infractions and notify Board accordingly. Commercia Property Associates Ltd. is familiar with the Condominium Act and the Fire & Safety Codes and other relevant acts, which pertain to the management of your Corporation.
  • Formulation of Fire Safety Plan and Fire Safety Instructions.
  • Enforcement of the Condominium Act, Declaration, By-laws, and Rules and Regulations.


Commercia Property Associates Ltd. in its experience is familiar with qualified contractors and has general knowledge of the work required of approximate costs. Commercia Property Associates. will also be responsible for tendering work to ensure that the Corporation receives the best contracting value possible.